FRIDAY’S FIVE: Great Booktubers

I really love to watch YouTube videos. It started out with beauty videos, but currently I am only watching booktubers. I am subscribed to about 40 channels, but I managed to pick only five for today’s Friday’s Five post. All these people are amazing and I definitely recommend you check out their channels and subscribe to them, because they deserve it!

Shannon at cozyteareads

This girl is so amazing. I have loved her since the first video of hers that I watched. She is so funny and energetic and comfortable while talking to her camera. Actually, I think her comfort in front of the camera is what makes her so fun to watch. She often drinks a cup of tea while she is talking about books, and this one time she ate a banana while doing her bookshelf scavenger hunt, and I think she is the only person on earth that can eat a banana while making a YouTube video without making it weird.

Whitney from Whittynovels

The second person on Booktube that I absolutely love is Whitney. She makes so many videos and they all are so much fun to watch. One of the things that make her videos so fun to watch is her enthusiasm. You can see that she absolutely loves books and loves talking about them. And I don’t know why I feel like this, but I feel like if I would meet her, she would be the exact same person as in her videos. I think that some YouTubers in general are performing a different identity on camera than how they act in real life, but I feel like if Whitney was my classmate, she would be the exact same person as she is in her videos. This makes me want to be Whitney’s classmate, that would be so much fun. 🙂

Tiernan from TheBookTuber

He is one of the few male booktubers that I like (along with jessethereader, but he is so popular that I am not going to mention him separately). This guy is so smart in how he talks about books. His reviews are always great to watch because he is really good at expressing his thoughts on the books. Also, he is currently doing ‘Vlogmas’, which means that he is uploading a new video every day in December!

Regan from PeruseProject

Another amazingly smart and funny girl. Plus she reads the most amazing books. She reads the books that are very popular on Booktube at that moment, but she also reads less popular or well-known books, which I really like because this is how I discover new books as well! It is fun to see a booktuber haul great books that you know of, but it is maybe even more interesting to see someone haul books that you have never heard of but that sound amazing. Always after I’ve watched one of Regan’s videos in which she shows new books, I update my to-read shelf on Goodreads.

Priscilla from The Readables

This girl is pretty well-known in the Booktube community I believe. At least, she has a lot of subscribers already, but she more than deserves them because her book reviews are the best! When I want to check out a review on a certain book, I always look if she has already done a review on that book, because her reviews are my favorite. She is very good at describing what she liked, or didn’t like, about the books. Also, her videos are technically very well done. She always has these little screens in her videos where she shows the cover of the book and some details about them, and she has these fancy links with which you can either skip or skip to the spoilery parts of her review.

Do you watch any Booktubers? If so, who is your favorite?

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