EVENT: Dutch Wedding Reception Tahereh Mafi and Ransom Riggs

Ransereh with their grumpy cat

Ransereh with their grumpy cat

My Dutch bookblogger friend Sanne got an invitation to attend the wedding reception/book launch party of Tahereh Mafi and Ransom Riggs. She was allowed to bring a guest and she was kind enough to invite me! Publishing companies Blossom Books and Clavis organized this wedding reception to present the Dutch translations of Ignite Me and Hollow City. I was super excited I could come as well!

Unfortunately my phone died in the beginning of the evening, and I forgot to bring a camera, so I don’t have many pictures. The even started around 6 pm and when we entered the location we were welcomed with a sparkly, pink and extremely sugary drink. There were about 100 guests, half of them invited as press and the other half were fans of Tahereh and/or Ransom. After a little waiting and a lot of booktalk with all the lovely people there, we had to go into a small movie theater alike room. Sanne was invited as press, so we had reserved chairs on the second row! The book trailers of both books were shown and two lovely ladies from the publishing companies introduced us to the process of publishing both books. One of them told that when they wanted to publish Shatter Me in Dutch, they initially hired a graphic designer to design new covers because they didn’t like the American cover with the girl. But when they were almost finished, the covers of the series were changed into the beautiful covers with the eye, and the publishers decided to work with the new American covers and the Dutch designer had done all her work for nothing.

The lovely couple

The lovely couple

After the introduction, we got to Skype with Tahereh and Ransom! Everyone got to ask questions to them and they answered them in such a great way! Tahereh and Ransom are such a cute couple! I didn’t make notes during the interview, but there were some answers that I remember which were really cute. Someone asked Tahereh and Ransom whether they inspired each other’s writing, and Ransom immediately said “Tahereh inspires me every day”. A loud “ahhh” sounded from the audience. And when Tahereh was asked whether she was on team Adam or team Warner, she said she’s on team Ransom. Another “ahhh” from the audience. Tahereh and Ransom were really nice people and very spontaneous. At one point we got to talk about the real Miss Peregrine’s House in Antwerp, Belgium and Ransom told us he had a model of that house and he asked whether we wanted to see it. He picked up has laptop and walked through his house (home tour!) and showed the model. It was really pretty and shows how excited he is about his work. Unfortunately we had to say goodbye after about 40 minutes.

Our picture + our wish

Our picture + our wish

But the evening wasn’t over yet, because it was time for cake and other wedding festivities! There was a beautiful cake with books on top, nice drinks, a lounge corner and of course a stand where you could buy the new books of Tahereh and Ransom. I didn’t buy any of the books, because I prefer to read in English. But I was really tempted to buy Ransom’s books. I haven’t read his books yet because I thought I wouldn’t really like them, but after talking to him and hearing all the praise from other bloggers I think I should read them. By the way, I did buy a bag! It is a canvas bag that says “I like big books and I can not lie.” and I love it. There was also a corner where you could take a Polaroid picture with all kinds of props. You were able to put that picture in a book, write a wish next to it and the publishers are going to send that book to Tahereh and Ransom! You can’t really read it on the picture, but we wrote “thank you for the awesome evening! we wish you all the best” and then our names. After some more booktalk with all the lovely people, it was time to go home again.

I had a really great evening and I am very grateful I got to be there.I would like to thank Sanne for inviting me, and I want to thank Blossom Books and Clavis for organizing this lovely event!

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