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A few weeks ago I decided that I needed some new books, but I didn’t really have the money to buy them. Until I heard of the website AwesomeBooks, who sell both new and used books. And the used books are pretty cheap. I did some research to the quality of the used books, and I found out that overall the used books from this website have a pretty decent quality. So I went for it. I ordered 7 books, and I only had to pay €21,73 including delivery, and I got a 10% discount since it was my first order at AwesoneBooks. So all in all I thought that was a pretty good deal. In let you know in what condition my used books arrived! Next to these 7 books, I also bought 2 books from the Book Depository, one of which I had pre-ordered. I am really happy with all my purchases and I can’t wait to start reading them all!

Click to check out the page on Goodreads

Click to check out the page on Goodreads

If I Stay by Gayle Forman

Since I absolutely loved Gayle Forman’s Just One Day and Just One Year, I decided to buy another one of her books. If I Stay is a very short book, and when I opened the package I was surprised by how small it is. I somehow expected it to be a longer story, but this book only has 210 pages. I bought the hardcover edition of this book, and it came in really good condition. The dust jacket looks almost perfect, except for a sticker on the back of which I’m sure I can get it off. So yay, I’m happy with this book. I already started reading it yesterday. I am about 30 pages in, and so far it is really interesting. And of course beautifully written, but I expected nothing less from Gayle Forman.

Click to check out the page on Goodreads

Click to check out the page on Goodreads

Before I Fall by Lauren Oliver

And this is another book that I bought based on previous good experiences with the author. I absolutely loved the Delirium trilogy by Lauren Oliver, so I was very curious if I would like her other books as well. I have really loved the Young Adult contemporary books I’ve been reading lately, so I think I will like this one as well! The blurb on Goodreads says that it is a story that provokes questions about love, death, and how one person’s life can affect so many others. This really sounds like something I would enjoy! This paperback edition arrived in almost perfect condition!

Click to check out the page on Goodreads

Click to check out the page on Goodreads

Cloud Atlas by David Mitchell

This book is something really different from what I have been reading lately, but I feel like I need to broaden my horizon a little. I have heard many great things about this book and I think the premise sounds really interesting. I don’t know if it is something I would enjoy but I am really curious to find out. The paperback edition that I bought arrived in perfect condition.

Click to check out the page on Goodreads

Click to check out the page on Goodreads

The Host by Stephenie Meyer

I ordered the hardback edition of this book, and it arrived in pretty decent condition. You could see that the book has been read but nothing major. I have heard that this book is much better written than the Twilight Saga , and I already really enjoyed those books, so I have high expectations for The Host. We’ll see. (:

Click to check out the page on Goodreads

Click to check out the page on Goodreads

Gemma Doyle trilogy by Libba Bray

Young Adult, paranormal, historical fiction: sounds like perfection! Once I found out they sold the entire trilogy on AwesomeBooks I didn’t have to hesitate long to put them into my shopping bag. The first two books arrived in near perfect condition, but as you can see on the first picture, I was less pleassed with the last book. There were a lot of cracks in the spine and it didn’t look good at all. But I send an email to AwesomeBooks and they are willing the refund half of the price I paid for the book, so their customer service is great!

Click to check out the page on Goodreads

Click to check out the page on Goodreads

Unite Me and Ignite Me by Tahereh Mafi

YAY, I finally have the entire Shatter Me series complete! I pre-ordered the paperback version of Ignite Me at the Book Depository, but it arrived about a week after release date. So I don’t think I’ll be pre-ordering again. But I am still very happy that I can finally read the last novella and last book in this trilogy. I have heard really great things about the ending of this trilogy, so I’m really excited and I CAN’T WAIT!

What book do you recommend I read first?
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3 thoughts on “HAUL: April 2014 (awesomebooks.com)

  1. I’d be really interested to hear what you think of A Great and Terrible Beauty- I wanted to love that book so much.. But something just didn’t click for me 😦

    This is a great haul! I need to check out Awseomebooks!! 😀

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