100 HAPPY DAYS: Part 1

Some time ago, I came across the instagram of fellow book-blogger Lauren, at laurenreadsYA , and I saw she was dooing the 100 happy days challenge. 100 happy days is a challenge to daily take a picture of something that makes you happy. I decided I’d participate as well, and although I’m not very good at the daily part of this challenge, I am regularly taking pictures of something that makes me happy. But some days, when I just have to work or go to uni the entire day, I don’t think of making a picture for this challenge. And I know this is not entire book-related, but I nevertheless wanted to share this on my blog since there are some pictures in here of books, since books make me happy. πŸ™‚ Click on ‘continue reading’ if you want to see the first 25 pictures that I took in this challenges! Oh, and if you want to keep up to date with this challenge, you should follow my instagram!

day 1-5
Day 1: Tea and colorful pens make studying a lot more bearable
Day 2: Housemate cooked me dinner. ❀
Day 3: 500 days of Summer with the housemates. ❀
Day 4: In bed with a book.
Day 5: Perfect lunch! Toast with avocado and egg.
day 6-10
Day 6: Current view
Day 7: It feels like summer!
Day 8: We have baby rabbits. IT’S SO FLUFFY I’M GONNA DIE!
Day 9: Enjoying the sun!
Day 10: I could think of worse places to study.
day 11-15
Day 11: I put my unread books on a separate shelf and I realized that I only own 10 unread books. Good excuse to buy more books soon!
Day 12: No alarm set! Goodnight.’
Day 13: Bought some tulips!
Day 14: Didn’t know Rotterdam was this beautiful!
Day 15: Books books books!
day 16-20
Day 16: #Yoga in my pajamas. Is it too obvious that I like pink?
Day 17: Froyo in the sun!
Day 18: Starting a new book, in the sun!
Day 19: Goodmorning!
Day 20: Dinner in bed, because I can.
day 21-25
Day 21: Shooting some pictures for the blog
Day 22: Omnomnom
Day 23: So, I bought some books.
Day 24: Finally went to the gym again!
Day 25: I just filmed a video. Camera on top of books on top of a chair on top of a table. (:

Are you also participating in the 100 happy days challenge? Let me know in the comments because I want to follow you!
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