Summer of 50 + Summer reading plans

Source: weheartit

Source: weheartit

Last Thursday I had my last final, and today I handed in my last essays, so this means that IT’S SUMMER! Finally, because I’ve been waiting for this moment for weeks. The weather in the Netherlands has been great but all I could do was sit inside and study, instead of going out and enjoy the sun. But it’s all over now and I have plenty of time to enjoy the weather, but I also have time to read and blog again! That’s why I have set up this little challenge for myself: the Summer of 50. Some other bloggers and youtubers have set themselves the challenge to read 50 book this summer, but I want to take this challenge a little differently. I don’t like the idea of pushing myself to read a certain amount of books, because reading should be something I do for fun and not something I have to push myself to. However, I feel like I have to push myself a little more to write more blogs, so therefore I have decided to challenge myself to write 50 blog posts this summer. And it’s not like I don’t enjoy blogging, on the contrary! I love it, but I am also very lazy so I just need that little push to actually do it. So, with this post I am challenging myself to write at least 50 blog posts before university starts again, which will be on September 1st.

Concerning my reading plans for this summer, I don’t really have a set plan. As I already said, I don’t like focusing on a number, but I am definitely planning on reading a lot. My birthday will be on June 29th so I think I will receive either some books or some gift cards so I can buy some books. I also recently bough City of Bones, which I absolutely want to read this summer, and if I like it I’ll probably buy the other books in the series as well. And I think I will also be reading a lot of contemporaries, because somehow contemporaries seem to be perfect for summer. I don’t really have any more plans for reading this summer, but since I will be blogging a lot, I will keep you up to date with what I’m reading! Also, if you want to follow my reading progress during the summer you can follow me on Twitter of add me as a friend on Goodreads

What are your reading plans for this summer?


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