You haven’t been able to see much of my Summer of 50 Challenge since I announced it last week, but that is because I was in Prague with some friends, celebrating the fact that we finished the first year of college! We saw a lot of this beautiful city, we had a pick-nick in the park, we went dancing in a nice club, and I SAW THE TFIOS MOVIE! The release date of this movie in the Netherlands was initially set on June 6th, but they pushed it back to July 10th! That is more than a month! I was really disappointed when I found out, but then I remembered that I would be in the Czech Republic for a few days, where the movie was already out. So I dragged my friends to the cinema in Prague, and I watched the TFIOS movie with Czech subtitles, which was really interesting. None of my friends had read the book, and during the movie I started feeling guilty that I took them to see this movie because the two friends that were sitting next to me were sobbing loudly throughout the movie. But that also proves how powerful this story is and how amazing this movie is. In the next part I will tell you more about what I thought about it, but WARNING: THE NEXT PART CONTAINS SPOILERS. If you haven’t read the books, the spoilers will be major. If you have read the book but not seen the movie yet, they will be mild spoilers I think.
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