You haven’t been able to see much of my Summer of 50 Challenge since I announced it last week, but that is because I was in Prague with some friends, celebrating the fact that we finished the first year of college! We saw a lot of this beautiful city, we had a pick-nick in the park, we went dancing in a nice club, and I SAW THE TFIOS MOVIE! The release date of this movie in the Netherlands was initially set on June 6th, but they pushed it back to July 10th! That is more than a month! I was really disappointed when I found out, but then I remembered that I would be in the Czech Republic for a few days, where the movie was already out. So I dragged my friends to the cinema in Prague, and I watched the TFIOS movie with Czech subtitles, which was really interesting. None of my friends had read the book, and during the movie I started feeling guilty that I took them to see this movie because the two friends that were sitting next to me were sobbing loudly throughout the movie. But that also proves how powerful this story is and how amazing this movie is. In the next part I will tell you more about what I thought about it, but WARNING: THE NEXT PART CONTAINS SPOILERS. If you haven’t read the books, the spoilers will be major. If you have read the book but not seen the movie yet, they will be mild spoilers I think.

First of all, this movie stayed so true to the book! I love how many literal quotes they used in the movie. John Green just knows how to use words and there are so many wonderful quotes in the book, so I was really happy to find these quotes in the movie as well. I loved that at some moments I knew exactly what Hazel or Gus were going to say. And at most of these moments I already had either a huge smile or tears on my face before the words were spoken.
And I think that the ability of this movie to made me both smile like a moron and cry like a baby is one of its main strengths. The emotions that I felt during this movie were so strong, I didn’t know a movie could do that to me. I am definitely not the person that gets emotional easily with fictional stories, and if I do get emotional it is usually when reading a book. I hardly ever get emotional during a movie, but this one made me cry three time. I cried THREE times in just ONE movie. But it took me quite a while before I started sobbing. I heard my friends next to me crying in the scene where Hazel went to the hospital, because they thought it was her who was going to die. But I knew more, and the first time that I cried was when Gus and Hazel were in Amsterdam and they were sitting on the bench next to the water, and Gus told Hazel that he lit up like a Christmas tree. This was one of the moments that I knew what was going to be said and I already had the tears in my eyes before Gus spoke them to Hazel.
The second time that I cried was when they were at the literal heart of Jesus, and Gus wanted to attend his own funeral. Izaak’s speech was really funny and amazing, but it was Hazel’s speech that made the tears stream down my face. The last time I cried was when Gus called Hazel because he had done something stupid. He was at the gas station to get some cigarettes but something happened, and he asked Hazel to come. But this was not the moment that I cried. I cried when Hazel went to her parents to tell that she was taking the car to get to Gus, and she had a little talk with her mother. They talked about what Hazel’s mom would do after Hazel would die, and how much they loved each other. This moment made me think about my own mother, and my amazing family, and how grateful I am that everyone in my family is still healthy and alive.

So, enough about my feels. Although I think that emotion is the biggest part of this movie, there are some other things that I would like to discuss. First of all, Amsterdam! As a Dutchie, I know what Amsterdam looks like. And I have to say, they truly did a good job in showing the prettiest things of this city. Especially since these scenes were shot on grey and cloudy days, and Amsterdam can look pretty depressing when it is cloudy. But the Amsterdam that I saw in the movie was truly beautiful, but also real. I wasn’t some idyllic idea that some people might have of Amsterdam either. They showed Amsterdam just as it is: cloudy but beautiful! Another thing that I loved about this movie were the songs! All of the Stars by Ed Sheeran is my favorite, but I also really love Boom Clap by Charli XCX and Tee Shirt by Birdie.
I literally have no bad word to say about this movie, and I definitely plan on seeing it again when it will release in the Netherlands!

Have you already seen the the TFIOS movie? Or are you planning to? Let me know! 🙂
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