VIDEO: Book Haul Boekenfestijn May 2014

So, I just made a video. I just love watching other people’s book hauls, so I thought I’d make one myself. I’m sorry if I look a little awkward in this video, but I need to practice a little more. (: But on to the haul! I went to a large, Dutch book sale called Het Boekenfestijn, which is basically a really large room full of tables with a lot of books. A lot of cheap books. And I bought 12 books. If you want to see all of them, you can either watch the video or click on ‘continue reading’, because there are all the photo’s that I made of these books, and I also added the prices there. Enjoy!

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HAUL: April 2014 (

All books

A few weeks ago I decided that I needed some new books, but I didn’t really have the money to buy them. Until I heard of the website AwesomeBooks, who sell both new and used books. And the used books are pretty cheap. I did some research to the quality of the used books, and I found out that overall the used books from this website have a pretty decent quality. So I went for it. I ordered 7 books, and I only had to pay €21,73 including delivery, and I got a 10% discount since it was my first order at AwesoneBooks. So all in all I thought that was a pretty good deal. In let you know in what condition my used books arrived! Next to these 7 books, I also bought 2 books from the Book Depository, one of which I had pre-ordered. I am really happy with all my purchases and I can’t wait to start reading them all!
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HAUL #3: January 2014

So I bought some books again. Since I had exams in January, I didn’t have much time to blog or read, but I did have time to order some good books online. I also went to the ‘Boekenfestijn’ again, which is a very large book sale in the Netherlands. This time, the book sale took place ín the city I live in and it started on the day of my last exam, so I figured I should reward myself for finishing the exams by buying some new books. The total of this month is 15 books. It’s quite a lot, but they were all pretty cheap. But before I am buying new books next month, I am forcing myself to read at least 5 unread books first before I can buy new ones. I don’t want to became a person that has a million books but has only read a few of them; I’d rather own less books of which I can say that I’ve read most of them.
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BOOK HAUL #2: December 2013

So, I bought some books this month. A few of these are books that I bought myself, some others were gifts. I don’t celebrate Christmas with presents, but in the Netherlands we have a tradition of giving gifts on December 5th, so that’s when I received some books as well. I am currently at my parent’s house to celebrate Christmas en New Year, but my books are at my own place, so I haven’t been able to take pictures of them. But I really wanted to show my new books, so I’ll just take the images from Goodreads. And another very exciting thing: I am getting a new bookcase. I have 2 shelves that are attached to my wall, but they kind of suck because when I put a lot of books on them, they start to hang askew and my books fell down. So I am going to IKEA with my dad next Monday to buy myself a Billy bookshelf. But on topic, these are the books that I got in December:

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BOOK HAUL #1: Dutch book sale ‘Het Boekenfestijn’


I have been super busy studying, and college is taking way more time than I like. But I have found some time to go bookshopping with my father. He is also a big reader, and he introduced me to the magical world of books when I was younger. We went to a big, Dutch, book sale called ‘Het Boekenfestijn’. This is a big event in a hall with tables and tables full of books, both Dutch and English. Initially I only wanted to buy English books, but I saw some amazing Dutch books as well which I just couldn’t leave behind. I bought a total of 9 books for only €46,20 which is extremely cheap for Dutch standards. In the Netherlands you easily pay about €20 for a new book. Now let me show you the books I bought:

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